We listen. We understand.

What We Offer to Physicians

Physicians take moonlighting, hospitalist or house staff jobs—whether full time or temporary—for a variety of reasons. But no matter the reason, we've found some common needs.

  • Top wages— We pay among the highest salaries in the area for moonlighting, hospitalist and house staff physicians
  • Malpractice insurance—Malpractice coverage, including the tail, is provided through a highly rated, premium insurance carrier.
  • Positions close to home or day job—Our expanding list of clients means a selection of positions for you.
  • Flexibility in working conditions and shifts—We'll work with you to tailor a work experience that meets your needs.
  • Expedited credentialing and other paperwork—We make credentialing and licensing as easy as possible.
  • Career-building contacts—Because we are selective about the hospitals and other facilities we work with, you'll get to know only the best area of employers.
  • Full-time and one-year positions between residency and fellowship—Find the schedule flexibility you want while earning an income at or above the level of private practice.

And best of all, any problems you encounter will be handled quickly and effectively. We guarantee it.

  How To Apply

    Getting started with OnCall Physician Staffing is easy. Just call or e-mail us to get the process started. We'll e-mail you credentialing forms and other paperwork while we're looking for the position that meets the needs of both you and our staffing client.  
Physician Employment Application



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