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Philadelphia Locum Doctors

These days, more doctors than ever are taking sabbatical time and temporary positions that may pull them from their standard posts. That means more hospitals and private care centers find themselves without physicians for set periods of time--a problem that generally requires a fast remedy. Here at OnCall Physician Staffing, we help you fill such gaps in an efficient and reliable manner.

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This city's talent pool of physicians is without rival, and that means you can usually find an outstanding doctor to fill any given opening. However, the process of locating and hiring this qualified physician can be frustrating. That's why we created OnCall Physician Staffing. We contract with hospitals and clinics to fill their vacancies with qualified practicing physicians, ensuring a smooth transition on both sides. We'll connect you with an exceptional group of physicians whose list of specialties represents the full range of medical care. Anesthesiologists, radiologists, psychiatrists, and specialists in internal medicine (including geriatrics) make themselves available here on a daily basis, ensuring that with a little patience you can make an outstanding match.

OnCall Physician Staffing was founded by a pair of working physicians who understand just how difficult this sort of job hunt can be. That's why today, more practicing physicians rely on us as well, citing our commitment to easy scheduling and logistics. Today we have earned a reputation for sterling client care, giving each doctor individual attention to ensure the selected position is beneficial to both parties.

Whether you're a hospital or a caregiver, OnCall Physician Staffing offers an easy way to fill any vacancies with a qualified, friendly individual. Please feel free to contact the courteous professionals here anytime if you have questions. We are available during business hours at 215-542-2000, or you can always email us at info@OnCallPhysicianStaffing.com.

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