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Physician Recruiters

Philadelphia is a city in transition, and much of the change is taking the form of shifting budgets for its medical centers. Positions that once seemed ironclad are today going the way of the dodo, while others with more flexible hours seem to be cropping up regularly. If you're looking to take advantage of this evolving market, you'll surely appreciate this unique resource.

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OnCall Physician Staffing gives physicians, hospitals and other medical facilities an easy way to find and fill new jobs. For many practicing physicians in search of an additional income source, agencies like ours are a tremendous time-saver. Residents and interns will find this service helpful as they begin planning future careers. For hospitals and other institutions, OnCall Physician Staffing gives them access to some of the most able, experienced and motivated doctors anywhere in the city.

Ours is an approach that has won accolades from the care centers that use our services. Just call us to discuss filling your staff vacancies, and we can begin the process of screening for qualified specialists who possess the training that suits your needs, be it internal medicine and the subspecialties, surgery, emergency medicine, or anesthesiology. As always, OnCall Physician Staffing makes the transition even easier by handling credentialing and offering extremely competitive rates.

From locum jobs to the kind of full-time hospitalist work that can easily lead to greater things, OnCall Physician Staffing makes it simple to get started. If you want to learn more, feel free to ask us for assistance anytime. We can be reached by phone at 215-542-2000 or you can send an email to info@OnCallPhysicianStaffing.com.

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