Physicians On Call

Physicians always seem to be in demand throughout Philadelphia, and that means it’s important to lock down truly talented professionals as quickly as possible. If you’ve found yourself understaffed during peak times and wishing there was more depth in your roster, you’re not alone. Here at OnCall Physician Staffing, we make it simple to secure the very best practicing physicians for virtually every position in your facility. Click Here for Physicians On Call!

Our company serves doctors and administrators simultaneously, helping everyone more effectively meet their specific needs. Physicians who work with us regularly take advantage of the easy access we offer to Philly’s most promising openings. Employers cite the breadth and competence of our talent pool as their principal reason for relying so heavily on our staffing abilities.

Hospitalist openings are probably the most demanding to fill properly, and here OnCall Physician Staffing does not disappoint. Our comprehensive approach to logistics is considered without peer in the Philadelphia area, including substantive help with billing, coding and compliance. We can even help you develop credentialing programs to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your hired help.

Whether you’re a practicing specialist or an employer, we can help you discover outstanding opportunities throughout the city. Physicians, begin your job search by filling out our online application. We’ll contact you to discuss your specifics and our available positions. For further questions or anything else, we urge you to get in touch with us at 215-542-2000 or